• Primary Most Able: English

Primary Most Able: English

3rd October 2018: Welcome back, Year 6! 

I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, as you return for the final run of Stretch and Challenge sessions. 

The session activities can be viewed below:

The outline for each session is:

I will upload photographs and session resources on this page each week!

Mrs Williamson

Year 5: Welcome

We would like to wish a warm welcome to our Year 5 pupils who are joining us for additional English every Thursday afternoon. 

Students are studying a wide range of texts and writing styles, as well as producing their own pieces. 

Please browse through some of our lessons from the Spring term. 



Update (Mon 20th June):

Year 5 have been enjoying learning new skills in the English Gifted and Talented sessions. The first aspect of English that we looked at was analysing texts using PEE paragraphs. 

Remember, that means to:

Make a point!

Find and use some relevant evidence.

Write a detailed explanation, discussing how the evidence is important. 

Can you remember PEE Cop?!

After we PEE'd all over our work (!), we studied character descriptions using inference and deduction skills (remember the terms explicit and implicit!) and created our own characters using sensory details. 

Update (Fri 20th May):

Welcome to the Year 5 pupils who are joining us every Wednesday for Gifted and Talented English sessions. You will find links to our resources and lessons on this page. It will be updated weekly!

This week was our first session, in which we focused our attention on all things SPaG! The pupils worked hard and really impressed Mrs Williamson with their knowledge and ability in this area. 

SPAG revision map

We played Pointless SPaG and worked in teams against the clock to complete a Level 6 style SPaG paper. 

Pointless SPaG

Next week we'll be looking at how to PEE on our work to analyse texts! More on that later...

Update (Fri 6th May):

Access past papers here

You're ready to rock the SATs!

Welcome to the Gifted and Talented page! I'd like to congratulate our Year 6 pupils who have worked hard to reach the dizzy heights of Level 6 over the past few months. Our Wednesday sessions have been a lot of fun but also a lot of work! I am confident that you're all ready for the SATs next week. If you're looking for revision, check out this page and I'll keep updating the resources.

It's been a pleasure Year 6. Good luck! 

SPaG resources:

Reading resources: